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27 Aug Courage & Compassion [Isaiah 9:8-10:4] Rev Keith Lai
3 Sep Crouching Captives; Hidden Remnant [Isaiah 10:5-34] Ps Lai Mui Fong
10 Sep Open Topic Steve Diehl
17 Sep Open Topic Dr Ed Pousson

20 Aug A Blessed Life [Psalms 1] Dr Jay Kopfenstein
13 Aug Triumphalism or Defeatism [Isaiah 9:1-7] Rev Keith Lai
6 Aug Authentic Disciples of Christ [Mark] Rev Henry Wong
30 Jul Marks of a Believing Remnant [Isaiah 8] Rev Keith Lai
23 Jul Moment of Decision [Isaiah 7] Rev Keith Lai
16 Jul Lamp of the Body [Matt 6:22-23] Dr Ed Pousson
09 Jul Jesus, Missions and Me [John13:12-17, Matt 28:18-20, Mark 8:34-35] Rev Rodney Hui
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Super Seniors Grooving to a Healthier Mind
Sunday 20th Aug @ 1.30pm

Happy Workout
Every 2nd Sunday @ 1.30pm

English Worship Services Sun 9am & 11am
华文事工 (Chinese Ministry) Sun 9.30am
Children & Creche Ministries Sun 11am

Youth & Young Adult Fellowship

Sun 11.30am

Sri Lankan Fellowship

Sun 2.30pm
Evangelism - 2nd & 4th Sun 1pm, Last Sun Ladies Bible Study, 1.30pm

Prayer & Praise
(Fresh Fire)

3rd Friday 

Community Bible Study International

Tue 10am - 12pm

Senior Pastor Rev Keith Lai
Pastor (Sri Lankan Fellowship) Rev Christina Ong
Pastor (Chinese Ministry) Rev Abel Lee (blog)
Body Life Ministry Rev Keith Lai
Worship Ministry Dn Ryan Kong
Outreach Ministry Rev Keith Lai
Young Adult and Youth Pastor Rev Henry Wong
Family Support Ministry Lye Mui Fong
Acting Head of AG Home Ricky Sitoh
Church Manager/
Data Protection Officer
Lye Lee Fong