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Gladiolus Place Tel: 63485674
21 Jan Prayer That Transforms Us Rev Henry Wong
28 Jan Prayer That Transforms Us Ps Lai Mui Fong
04 Feb Prayer That Transforms Us Rev Lynette Teo
11 Feb Something to Shout About [Isaiah 25:1-26:21] Rev Keith Lai
18 Feb Understanding God's Perspective [Isaiah 29:1-24] Rev Keith Lai

14 Jan Blow The Trumpet [Joel 2:12-17]   Rev James Singh
07 Jan Our 2018 Prayer Journey [Luke 24:13-35] Rev Keith Lai
31 Dec Prayer - The Heart's True Home Dn Neo Shi Wei
24 Dec Christmas Service Rev Henry Wong
17 Dec Tyre On Fire [Isaiah 23] Ps Lai Mui Fong
10 Dec Water Baptism [Isaiah 14:28-32] Rev Keith Lai
03 Dec Man of Sorrows Neo Ban Seng
26 Nov Beware! God@Work [Isaiah 19:1-20:6] Rev Keith Lai
English Worship Services Sun 9am & 11am
华文事工 (Chinese Ministry) Sun 9.30am
Children & Creche Ministries Sun 11am

Youth & Young Adult Fellowship (YaYA)

Sun 11.30am

Sri Lankan Fellowship

Sun 2.00pm
Evangelism - 2nd & 4th Sun 1pm, Last Sun Ladies Bible Study, 1.30pm

Prayer & Praise
(Fresh Fire)

3rd Friday 

Community Bible Study International

Tue 10am - 12pm

Senior Pastor Rev Keith Lai
Pastor (Sri Lankan Fellowship) Rev Christina Ong
Pastor (Chinese Ministry) Rev Abel Lee (blog)
Ps Chin Yoke Fen
Body Life Ministry Rev Keith Lai
Worship Ministry Dn Ryan Kong
Outreach Ministry Rev Keith Lai
Young Adult and Youth Pastor Rev Henry Wong
Family Support Ministry Lye Mui Fong
Head of Gladilous Place Ricky Sitoh
Church Manager/
Data Protection Officer
Lye Lee Fong
Administrative Executive Hope Salinas