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DateSermon TopicSpeakerMonthly Bulletin
20-Jun-21Open Topic (Father's Day)Mr Leslie Lunge-bulletin
27-Jun-21Bible Route 66 - EzekielPr Lionel Neoe-bulletin
04-Jul-21Bible Route 66 - DanielRev Henry Wong
11-Jul-21So Great A SalvationRt Rev Keith Lai
18-Jul-21Open TopicDr Ed Pousson
25-Jul-21So Great A SalvationRt Rev Keith Lai

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13-Jun-21Hope That Holds On [Psalms 73:15-28]Ms Arunee Nge-bulletin
06-Jun-21You Must Be Born Again [John 3:1-16, Matthew 18:3]Rt Rev Keith Laie-bulletin
30-May-21The Beauty of Conversion – The Conversion of Saul [Acts 9:1-19]Rt Rev Keith Laie-bulletin
23-May-21Bible Route 66 - LamentationsPs Michael Lowe-bulletin
16-May-21The Beauty of Conversion – The Ethiopian Eunuch [Acts 8:26-40]Rt Rev Keith Laie-bulletin
09-May-21The Beauty of PainJoanna Koh-Hoee-bulletin
02-May-21Bible Route 66 - JeremiahRev Dr Henry Wonge-bulletin
25-Apr-21It Only Takes a SparkJason Wonge-bulletin