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DateSermon TopicSpeakerMonthly Bulletin
07-Mar-21Bible Route 66 - EcclesiastesRev Dr Henry Wong
14-Mar-21What is Reformed Technology?Rt Rev Keith Lai
21-Mar-21Open TopicDr Ed Pousson
28-Mar-21Bible Route 66 - Song of SolomonRev Dr Henry Wong

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28-Feb-21Bible Route 66 - ProverbsPr Michael Lowe-bulletin
21-Feb-21Eternity in Our Hearts [Ecclesiastes 3:1-13]Dr Ed Poussone-bulletin
14-Feb-21What Does It Mean To Be a Christian? [Acts 10]Rt Rev Keith Laie-bulletin
07-Feb-21Bible Route 66 - PsalmsPs Lye Mui Fonge-bulletin
31-Jan-21Bible Route 66 - JobPr Lionel Neoe-bulletin
24-Jan-21Bible Route 66 - EstherRev Dr Henry Wonge-bulletin
17-Jan-21The Deadly Oxen of Anger [Matthew 5:21-23]Dr Ed Poussone-bulletin
10-Jan-21Bible Route 66 - NehemiahRev Dr Henry Wonge-bulletin
03-Jan-21Ready for 2021 [Joshua 5:13-6:2]Rt Rev Keith Laie-bulletin