We have completed the 21-Day Fast at the start of Passover and last Friday, we have about 100 church members attending our CPC online Prayer Meeting. I have never seen this since joining the church in 2001. And we celebrated Easter Sunday with Holy Communion as one family.

Our lives and our nation will not be the same after COVID-19. Every aspect of our church and our society is being shaken. As we are going through the ‘Circuit Breaker’, many things are being stripped away from us.

As we prayed and asked the Lord for protection just as the Israelites interceded for God’s protection during the Passover, let us not stop here. Let us press on and pray that God will baptise His church with the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, I ask that we sustain our daily praying just as the disciples did in the upper room after the Lord’s resurrection. Let us intensify our prayer for a great outpouring of the Spirit to bring a revival for the church and our nation.

For 50 days (from 12 Apr to 31 May), we will provide you with prayer pointers every week. Pray that God will stir your hearts as you read through the 50 chapters of Genesis with the faith to believe that God will bring us and the church into a supernatural encounter of His power!

Ps Henry & CPC Prayer Ministry Committee

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